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Technology companies may soon find that a significant percentage of revenue will come from service subscriptions, service transactions, or be tied to customer outcomes.


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TIA’s book, B4B, provides a new business framework for technology companies looking to transform for these new realities, and it is sweeping the industry.


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Watch the B4B Keynote Presentation

TIA CEO J.B. Wood discusses the root causes of the current impasse that often stalls customer spending. He also unveils a completely new framework that helps companies better align how they operate with how their customers achieve outcomes. The framework can also help to structure and simplify the stressful internal transformation conversations currently taking place inside many tech suppliers. Armed with these insights, viewers will be able to more objectively identify the challenges facing their company and their service organizations. They will also get clear answers about what to do next to enable service organizations to transition their value proposition from being product-focused to customer outcome-focused in order to defend, protect, and grow their revenue.


Learn How B4B Impacts Your Service Discipline

B4B has implications for every service discipline. You can learn more about how each area will be impacted with one of our new discipline-specific B4B research reports. Begin by selecting your focus area below:



View More B4B Videos

Our series of B4B videos provides additional perspectives and insights from a variety of sources, including TIA executive director, Thomas Lah, and C-Level executives from major technology companies.


Consequences of B4B | presented by Thomas Lah, TIA

Navigating B4B | presented by Todd Hewlin, TCG Advisors

Focusing on Great Service Fuels Innovation | presented by Graham Weston, Rackspace

The Future of Service Sales | presented by Nick Earle, Cisco Systems

SAP’s Transformation to Outcome-Based Services | presented by Anand Eswaran, SAP

B4B Success Tactics | presented by Thomas Lah, TIA


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Experience B4B and Get Custom Advice on How to Implement It

Begin a B4B Transformation with the B4B Workshop

The journey to fully realize the B4B model begins with an onsite executive workshop to develop a plan for how your company will respond to the changing market conditions. During this session, executive teams are led through a structured process to assess and refine your current strategy, including what parts of your company will be affected by B4B and what new organizational capabilities you will need to develop. Learn more about the B4B Workshop.

Engage a B4B Author to Speak

Authors J.B. Wood and Thomas Lah are available for B4B speaking engagements. Bring the B4B message to your leadership team, your employees or customers.


B4B Strategy Assist

TIA offers strategy assist and advisory services for companies who are ready to undertake a B4B transformation.


The B4B Strategy Assist is a 90-120 day engagement led by one or more of the B4B authors. It also involves key TIA research staff members. Each engagement is fully customised and includes executive advisory support and education for internal strategy teams. It also includes full access to TIA's B4B intellectual property portfolio, tools and data sets. For larger projects, we engage TIA strategy assist partners such as PwC and others. For additional details or to discuss your project, please contact us.

Our organization continues to find TIA to be an invaluable source of information for all of our different services business lines. TIA is the best source for relevant facts, trends, and performance, and we use what we learn on a weekly basis to assist us in making operational and strategic decisions about our business. TIA helps us to be a higher-performing organization.

Chris Todd
Senior Vice President, Services
Kronos Incorporated


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It will probably happen only once in a blue moon that a technology trend can be spotted, documented, and assessed as well as the huge shift discussed in B4B.