TIA Champions

TIA Champions

Champions Overview

TIA Champions represent select group of TIA members from technology companies large and small. Often considered some of the "best and brightest" service practitioners in our industry, Champions convene on a regular basis to collaborate on our industry’s biggest challenges and most promising opportunities.


Benefits of Becoming a Champion

The Champions program empowers services professionals by circulating “insider” services knowledge, and gives participants access to valuable resources, expertise and contacts they can use to positively impact their services organizations.


As a TIA Champion, you will have advance access and a deeper understanding of TIA case studies, research and data. You will also gain industry knowledge via peer-to-peer insights—ensuring you are on top of the latest trends and best practices. Champions are often regarded as knowledge centers—trusted conduits for industry information, expertise and resources within their organizations.


The Champions program is tailored to each service discipline. Currently, there are active Champions groups for Customer Success and Support, Data Analytics, and Services Marketing. Collaboration and networking activities directed by program participants in conjunction with the TIA research team typically consist of:


  • Quarterly meetings – either online or in-person at conferences
  • Member-to-member presentations / discussions
  • Conference activities


    Champions Program Co-Chairs

    TIA works closely with Champions steering committees for each services discipline to help guide the content and activities of the group. These member co-chairs are made up of an elite group of committed services leaders from top organizations:


    Customer Success and Support Champions Co-Chairs 

    • Joe Ward, Director of Customer Support & Services, Sage Software
    • Daniel Pratt, Director, Strategy and Initiatives, Avaya
    • Syd Garrett, Director of Global Service Delivery Excellence, Cisco Systems
    • Judith Platz, VP Research, Customer Success and Support, TIA


    Data Analytics Champions Co-Chairs 

    • Frank Coleman, Director of Operations, EMC
    • George Church, Senior VP, Bentley Systems
    • Jeremy DalleTezze, Director Research, Data Analytics, TIA