Thomas Lah, Executive Director - TIA
July 2012

Service Disciplines:Education Services, Field Services, Professional Services, Support Services, Service Revenue Generation, Managed Services

Functional Areas:Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Partner Management, Professor, Research, Sales, Service Delivery, Strategy, Training

Keywords: Human resources, Finance, Services Engineering, Marketing, operations, Partner Management, research, Sales, Strategy, Training, Service delivery

Managed services is becoming an ever more important component of the economic engine for OEMs. The real challenge is to truly understand what is actually in this fast-growing service line. This Services Insight is designed to accomplish three goals:

1. Provide a clear definition of what services technology companies are including under the umbrella of managed services.

2. Establish why managed services will become a critical service line for all product companies.

3. Provide a framework that can enable meaningful benchmarking in the area of managed services.

Besides primary research conducted by TIA on this topic, the content in this paper is based on conversations and interviews TIA has been conducting with member companies on the topic of managed services.