If Knowledge Management Is Not in Your Corporate DNA, Look to a KaaS Partner

Date: January 31, 2014

Author: John Ragsdale

According to multiple TIA studies, knowledge management is one of the top installed technologies across high tech service organizations, with most companies having first launched KM in the 1990s. However, despite this long history of investment in people, process and technology, knowledge tools are consistently the lowest rated technology for member satisfaction, and the majority of members claim not to be getting the expected value from existing KM tools and processes; enter Knowledge as a Service (KaaS). With a constant eye on cost cutting, companies are always looking for operations that could be managed as well or better by a strategic partner. TIA believes that in 2014, many tech firms will realize that effective KM may not be in their corporate DNA, and begin to look to specialist partners to launch, manage and provide ongoing maintenance for knowledge management. Companies struggling to launch KM effectively, those finding their knowledge repository needs a major overhaul, or those frustrated with KM metrics and ROI calculations, should consider working with a KaaS specialist who can take ownership of your KM program, establish and train best practices, and provide ongoing mentoring and management to ensure success.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services;Field Services;Professional Services;Customer Success and Support;Service Revenue Generation-Recurring;Managed Services

KaaS; knowledge management; ROI Calculations; KM tools; enterprise IT; Mentoring; Adoption; Self-Service Knowledge base; Knowledge management impact; Knowledge maintenance; Usage Dashboards; ROI Dashboards

Functional Areas:
Operations;Service Delivery

Consumer Technologies;Enterprise IT and Telecommunications;Healthcare and Healthcare IT;Industrial Automation