Community Members, Activity Levels, Return on Investment, Technology Integration

Date: November 17, 2014

Author: John Ragsdale

In October 2013, TIA launched at member study for online customer communities. This survey, open to all TIA members, was created to gather data to help answer common member inquiries regarding community processes, as well as to establish industry averages so members could gauge the success of their community implementations. This report documents the findings from the survey, including data for community membership, activity levels, staffing, community ownership, service level agreements, attempts at ROI calculations, and various technology components.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services;Field Services;Professional Services;Customer Success and Support

communities, customer community, forum, discussion forum, SLA, social staffing, social support, community ROI, deflection, community platforms, support forums

Functional Areas:

Consumer Technologies;Enterprise IT and Telecommunications;Healthcare and Healthcare IT;Industrial Automation;Other