Analytics, Collaboration, and Service Channels: Looking Ahead to 2017-2019

Date: May 05, 2014

Author: John Ragsdale

What is the service desk of the future? This question is becoming a common one as TIA members examine the myriad of impacts to people, processes, and technology taking place in service operations today and ask what service operations in 2018 and 2023 will look like. In particular, companies want to know what the long-term impacts of four current trends or hot investment areas will be: social media, knowledge and content management, mobility, and customer experience.
TIA TechFUTURES is designed to answer these questions. Kicking off Technology Services World (TSW) Best Practices 2014, TechFUTURES provides attendees with a look into the future and gives them with forward-looking ideas to keep in mind as they attend TSW, with a goal of empowering members to consider future ramifications of current trends and begin asking the tough questions early. Moderated by TIA’s John Ragsdale, TechFUTURES features presentations from four innovative TIA Partners, with audience votes determining the most provocative view of the future.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services;Field Services;Professional Services;Customer Success and Support;Service Revenue Generation-Recurring;Managed Services

Wearables; collaboration; channels; service channels; analytics; dashboards; Consolidated Service Operations

Functional Areas:
Operations;Service Delivery;Strategy

Consumer Technologies;Enterprise IT and Telecommunications;Healthcare and Healthcare IT;Industrial Automation;Other