2011–2012 Industry Data Based on Research of Over 700 Participants
Shawn Santos, Director of Programs & Community Social Media Research Practice Lead - TIA
February 2012

Service Disciplines:Education Services, Field Services, Professional Services, Support Services, Service Revenue Generation

Functional Areas:Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Partner Management, Service Delivery, Strategy

Keywords: Social Media, Social Media Trends, online communities, Social Support, support communities, unassisted support, social media for tech services, Strategy, social media strategy, Social Media Best Practices, shawn santos, Trends, Technology, Technology services industry trends, Metrics

Many organizations in our industry are rapidly approaching a tipping point—one where the proliferation of social media is in stark contrast to most organizations' ability to operationalize these emerging channels.

Over the past several years, TIA research has described a definitive "up and to the right" movement for all things social media; except for critical factors such as meaningful metrics, business outcomes and tools & processes that integrate social media into the enterprise.

This report details findings from TIA's 2011 - 2012 Social Media survey, and outlines the four new realities that technology services organizations must contend with.