Focus Area: Customer Success and Support

Technology companies today are focusing on "customer success," and making the transition to helping customers achieve desired business outcomes with their products and services.

TIA works with hundreds of technology companies to gain unique insights that have allowed us to develop the models, tools, and frameworks for how to:

  • Build a thriving success and support business.
  • Grow service revenues.
  • Continuously improve service margins.
  • Evolve from reactive break/fix support to proactive and predictive services.
  • Adjust to the new realities of a cloud-based business model.
  • Innovate the development of new support services that drive customer outcomes and success.
  • Develop success and support talent management.
  • Create channel optimization.
  • Audit and build dashboards for consumption analytic data streams.

Top Service Business Challenges

TIA conducts extensive research so you don’t have to. Our detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of customer success and support business issues that we address through our research programs. Topics include key performance indicators, managing multiple support channels, organization structures, delivery models, and much more. 
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Judith Platz

CSS Research Leadership

An elite group of professionals representing the industry’s top support services organizations advise TIA executive management on how best to deliver relevant programs, research, and events to its members. Judith Platz is the vice president of research for customer success and support at TIA. Who is TIA?

Customer Success

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