Focus Area: Education Services

New corporate XaaS business models are driving changes in how everyone does business. The dynamics of these new models create compelling opportunities for education services (ES) organizations. However, to leverage these opportunities, ES must transition from primarily providing product-based education offers to providing offers that encompass product adoption and realised value, or outcomes, for its customers. To do this, new capabilities and new paradigms must be incorporated into the ES organization while it continues to deliver on revenue and margin expectations. TIA helps education services organizations by providing an overarching view of how trends in the marketplace impact the day-to-day "business of education" and works with you to develop a road map for success.

Top Service Business Challenges

TIA conducts extensive research so you don't have to. Our detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of education services business challenges that we address through our research programs. Topics include content development and delivery, pricing strategies, accelerating customer ROI, leveraging a knowledge network/portal, certification, and much more. View the ES Top Business Challenges ▶

Maria Manning Chapman

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An elite group of professionals representing the industry's top support services organizations advise TIA executive management on how best to deliver relevant programs, research, and events to its members. Maria Manning-Chapman is the vice president of research for education services at TIA. Who is TIA?

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