Focus Area: Service Technology

Technology creates the infrastructure of service organizations, enforcing and streamlining processes, boosting employee productivity, and providing real-time visibility into operational, financial and quality metrics. While some technology solutions are shared across service disciplines, such as CRM and collaboration tools, each discipline also has its unique set of innovative products, from learning management systems in education, professional services automation for PS, multi-channel and knowledge platforms for support, and dispatch and routing tools for field operations.

TIA Research not only offers deep expertise on selecting, implementing and measuring the value of services technology, but we also offer rich data on adoption and spending trends across 24 categories of service tools.

John Ragsdale

Technology Research Leader

Heading up our technology research practice is industry veteran John Ragsdale, VP Technology and Social Research. Who is TIA?

Top Technology Services Business Issues:

Our detailed analysis of the marketplace has identified a top set of technology related business issues that we address through our research program:

1. Measuring the ROI of self-service.
2. Top Installed CRM Platforms.
3. Leveraging rich media to improve self-service success.
4. Multichannel volumes and tools.
5. Leveraging social media for B2B customers.
6. Support forums adoption & usage metrics.
7. Top trends for self-service.
8. Selecting social media channels to support.
9. Customer satisfaction survey vendors.
10. Metrics and ROI for knowledge base systems.
11. Real time collaboration solutions.
12. Top installed PSA platforms.
13. Improving performance with enhanced knowledge management.
14. Leveraging mobility to improve productivity.
15. Leveraging collaboration to improve staff productivity.


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