Our Unique Approach

TIA is a powerful platform that enables service executives to improve the strategic, operational and financial performance of their services business. TIA empowers service leaders to:


  • Understand—in clear, quantitative terms—their organization’s current performance on key business metrics relative to their peers and the industry  
  • Identify improvement opportunities and the underlying capabilities required to achieve desired operational and financial outcomes
  • Fast-track improvement initiatives by leveraging industry best practices
  • Avoid the costly mistakes of a trial-and-error approach
  • Stay abreast of emerging trends that impact future service strategies
  • Receive forward-looking guidance on how to keep pace with changing industry dynamics


Our Membership Model

TIA’s unique trust-based model allows us to collect detailed operational and financial data from hundreds of technology services organizations—something we call the power of the “Big N.” TIA senior research executives aggregate, normalize, and analyze the data to draw salient and timely insights that get repurposed into tools, frameworks, and other research deliverables for members. Read about our research approach.


Through a proactive member engagement model, TIA ensures that members participate in key programs and activities that optimize the business impact of their membership via our Member Success organization.


TIA Membership

A membership in TIA offers the opportunity to learn from our experts as well as your peers in the technology services industry. Join our community of more than 30,000 individual service executives. What are you waiting for?