Problems We Solve: Drive Product Sales

Revenue Trends

The new rules of tech, as defined in TIA’s groundbreaking book, Consumption Economics, dictate that suppliers of technology products step up to a whole new level of accountability in enabling customer success. In reality, much of this responsibility rests with the service organization—its deep knowledge of customers, extensive technology, and operational infrastructure, and highly skilled global workforce.


As the tip of the spear in driving customer product consumption and adoption, this also means that services has assumed a new role in driving product sales.


TIA provides unique insight and guidance on how service organizations can step up to this new set of corporate revenue responsibilities by acting on the following:


  • Drive successful product adoption.
  • Enable faster “go live” achievement.
  • Reduce customer total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Drive SaaS/cloud stickiness.
  • Deliver a differentiated customer experience.


These new responsibilities present an entirely new set of leadership opportunities and challenges. Learn more about how TIA can help you accelerate your ability to drive product sales. 



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