Problems We Solve: Innovate the Services Model

Discrete Service Strategies

For many years, services were in a steady state. Service offerings and responsibilities were clearly delineated and well understood by internal stakeholders as well as end customers. With the advent of game-changing new product delivery models and radically different customer expectations, service executives must now reinvent their traditional businesses to accommodate the new market realities.


The lines have blurred, and while the old models are by no means obsolete, there’s great urgency for services leaders to drive and embrace change in their service businesses. TIA is providing the leadership roadmap for how to innovate the services model to:


    • Develop and deliver new cloud-based services.
    • Design and implement value-added services.
    • Respond to the market demand for managed services.
    • Reinvent the role of partners in the services ecosystem.


      Now is the time for service leaders to act boldly and decisively to redefine their services business. Learn more about how TIA can help you innovate your services model.



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