Problems We Solve: Optimize Service Margins

Service Margin Trends

Shrinking topline growth from product revenues creates added pressure on service organizations to increase their contribution to corporate profits. Long the focal point of cost-reductions, service executives must continue to find new ways to reduce operating expenses while still providing acceptable levels of service and maintaining customer satisfaction ratings.


TIA has identified five major levers for reducing operational costs:


  • Leveraging and enabling partners.
  • Delivering services remotely.
  • Converging the services operating structure.
  • Leveraging social interaction dynamics and service channels.
  • Implementing productivity applications and technologies.


Our team of experts provides benchmarking, research, and best practices for each area to help service executives focus and optimize the impact of their cost-reduction efforts. We know what’s working in the marketplace and help members apply this insight to achieve the greatest and most direct cost savings. Learn more about how TIA can help you optimize your service margins.



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