About TIA's Benchmark Program

TIA has been benchmarking technology services for over 20 years. In that time, we have learned that benchmarking technology services is a unique endeavor, requiring data gathering and assessment techniques that are specific to technology services.

What Benchmarking Does

TIA delivers the most comprehensive benchmark in the industry for technology services organizations. The survey helps members:

  1. Understand how their business practices and outcomes stack up against the industry and peer groups.
  2. Gain perspective on their service business challenges. Are they unique? Are others facing the same challenges?
  3. Justify below-the-line investments in selling, marketing, services engineering, and service operations.
  4. Support hiring and resource management decisions.

How Benchmarking Works

Once a member has completed the benchmark survey, the TIA research team analyzes the data and provides a 90-minute detailed "Benchmark Review" for the member organization. The Benchmark Review highlights:

  1. Comparisons to industry and peer group performance on critical field services business practices, operating metrics, and financial outcomes.
  2. Key insights regarding areas of potential overinvestment or underinvestment.
  3. Recommendations for the adoption of common and best practices where indicated.

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