Member Studies and Surveys

Technology services executives need access to world-class research and insights to make effective decisions about their businesses. TIA has the world’s largest, dedicated research team focused solely on technology services. We deliver our discipline-specific research in a number of different ways, two of which include our Multi-Member Studies and our Member Surveys.


Multi-Member Studies

Multi-Member Studies provide in-depth benchmarking data on specific topics of interest to the TIA member community. These studies go far deeper into specific topics with member data than any other type of research that we do. Examples include our Market Rate and Compensation studies for Professional Services.


To conduct this research, TIA employs a consortium model: member companies join in the study, contribute their data, and receive detailed benchmarks in return.


There are three levels of participation for each study:

  • Steering Committee Members
  • Contributing Participants
  • Non-Participating Subscribers


Once the study is completed, each participating member company receives a full suite of deliverables:

  • Participant-only webcast presentation of the key study findings.
  • Participant-only copy of the presentation slide deck.
  • Participant-only company-confidential data file of study results.
  • Complete study report in PowerPoint format.
  • Inquiry time with TIA experts to address specific questions about the study and its implications for the participating member company.

Member Surveys

Throughout the year, TIA regularly conducts topical surveys among the membership to expand our understanding of the current technology services landscape.


In contrast to our Benchmark Surveys and Multi-Member Studies, TIA Member Surveys are relatively short in length and do not require extensive data collection or research to complete. Results are tabulated and analyzed, and are made available to members in the form of research articles, conference presentations, or webcasts.


TIA Membership

A membership in TIA offers the opportunity to learn from our experts as well as your peers in the technology services industry. Join our community of more than 30,000 individual service executives. What are you waiting for?