TIA's Research Approach

Your Business—Our Focus

Now an $800-billion business, technology services has become a high-stakes industry unto itself. As companies increasingly rely on services as a key source of revenue and profits, it's imperative that service leaders take proactive steps to manage the business for optimal results. That means understanding the levers of growth, efficiency, and strategic differentiation. This is the focus of TIA Research.

What sets us apart?

Comprehensive View Across Tech Services

We look at not just one, but many rich and varied sources of input, giving our data view depth and breadth not found from any other source:

  • Market trends and dynamics and the impacts of those trends on your organization's business model and operations.
  • Operational and financial data of hundreds of member companies, which allow us to identify common issues and pain points that organizations face.
  • Data gathered from our annual member surveys.
  • Careful analysis of thousands of inquiries received each year through our Member Inquiry service.
  • Information gleaned from detailed operational process reviews with TIA member companies.

Research by Researchers Backed By Robust Data Analytics

Our team of full-time researchers—all former service practitioners—synthesize and leverage all of these inputs to produce data sets, frameworks, and other deliverables that accelerate the development of the top service capabilities required to achieve desired business outcomes and ensure that your organization's services remain competitive and relevant in the market. The research staff is supported by a team of data analytics professionals who ensure the quality of our data sources and apply sophisticated analytical tools methodologies to extract insights.

Comprehensive, Consistent, Non-Biased

TIA research cuts across all facets of a service area and identifies the greatest opportunities for improvement. In addition, our methodology provides clear and common definitions when benchmarking key performance metrics. Above all, our results are non-biased, meaning our research is not created to advance a specific product or service—our only bias and our sole focus is your organization.

A "Big N" Means Decision-Grade Information

The power of our model comes through our large data set and our ability to aggregate and synthesize thousands of data points on hundreds of business metrics collected from across the TIA membership community—it's something we call the power of a "Big N." Our approach gives services leaders the confidence to make tough decisions—decisions based on facts derived from robust data-driven research and known industry best practices that target improvement initiatives.


You can think of it as safety in numbers. We think it's just plain smart.




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