TIA's Operational Best Practices

Achieve higher operating results and gain access to hundreds of industry-validated best practices through TIA’s Operational Best Practices program. These certifications allow organizations to measure their ability to support their customers from the people, process, and technology perspectives, and establish themselves as an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Why Get Certified?

TIA's Operational Best Practices Programs include diagnostic evaluations and certification programs, which can deliver real business results to companies seeking to achieve operational excellence, such as:

  • Reduction in operational costs and improved efficiency through consistent and repeatable processes, based on industry-driven best practices.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and fulfillment of business outcomes.
  • Detailed overview of operational strengths and weaknesses, and guidance on how to develop and improve these areas.
  • Increased revenue growth potential through a standardised, scalable, best practices platform.
  • Recognition from industry peers and customers for services excellence.
  • Comprehensive, benchmark-based recommendations for investments in new organizational capabilities.
  • Better alignment of product and service capabilities, creating more compelling customer offers that increase product consumption and drive adoption.

Available Certifications by Discipline

Diagnostic Evaluations & Audits
TIA Rated Outstanding Certification
TIA Excellence in Service Operations Certification
J.D. Power Certified Assisted Technical Support    
J.D. Power Certified Technology Service & Support

Program Trajectory

This rigorous certification process inspects the capabilities of an organization across all relevant aspects of their operation on behalf of their customers, allowing them to ensure that they are delivering outstanding customer support at the channel, center, region, and global level. Since its inception, over 50 companies have completed TIA’s Operational Best Practices program, achieving either a TIA or J.D. Power certification or engaging in a Diagnostic Evaluation. Of those companies we’ve seen the following results:

  • Nearly 60% of participating companies have been certified multiple years.
  • 70% of J.D. Power certified companies have been certified multiple years.
  • Over 20 companies have participated in a Diagnostic Evaluation.
  • Nearly 100 Certification and Diagnostic Evaluations programs have been completed (including annual renewals).
  • 120+ technical support locations and over 10 outsource partners have been audited, occurring in over 20 countries.

Establish Your Company’s Dedication to Services Excellence

Contact us for more information on TIA’s Operational Best Practices program and learn how you can establish your company’s dedication to services excellence.