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What Is Expand Selling And Why Is It Important?

By J.B. Wood, TIA






The Profit Gap Between Top Operating Incomes

Executive Director of TIA, Thomas Lah, talks about how top performing companies rank against smaller companies in profitability.




Service Revenue Growth vs. Product Revenue Growth

CEO of TIA, J.B. Wood, discusses the difference between growing service revenue and product revenue.





Five Shifts to Drive SaaS Profitability

Mark McCaffrey of PwC talks about just some of the reasons why many XaaS companies are unprofitable.




Retaining and Growing a Successful Customer Base

Riccardo Brizzi of SQS outlines who in your organization is responsible for continuing the customer journey, from sales to renewal and expansion.




Bringing Innovation to Managed Services

Peter Lacoste discusses how EMC has entered a new frontier of managed services using Cloud & Big Data solutions to provide outcomes.





The Missing Link Between Outcomes & Consumption

Debbie Dunnam of Cisco Systems explains who within your organization is best positioned to drive expand selling opportunities.







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TSW 2015 Best Practices


The Who, What, Why, and How of Driving Adoption and Outcomes

By Thomas Lah, TIA




Beyond the WHY - Transforming to a Consumption-Based Business

By Kristin Johnsen, Microsoft





Embracing Change: Transforming Support for Customer and Business Results

By Tom Brennan, Avaya




How an Internal Function Evolved to Become the Corporate Brand

By Jaques Pommeraud, Salesforce




How to Win in the Outcome Economy

By Elisabeth Zornes, Cisco




Taking the Plunge

By Joe Pinto, Cisco




TSW 2014 Service Transformations


Growing Corporate Top Lines in the B4B Era

J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




High Value, High Margin Offers in the B4B Era

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




New Frontiers of Innovation in Managed Services

Peter Lacoste – EMC Corporation





Keynote Debate | Growing Customer Spending: Who Does What?

J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA) and debaters Debbie Dunnam – Cisco Systems & Riccardo Brizzi – SQS




Keynote Debate | Is the Cloud a Profitable Business Model?

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA) and debaters Tien Tzuo – Zuora & Mark McCaffrey – PwC




Keynote Debate | Services in the Cloud: New People or New Skills?

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA) and debaters Amir Shub – LivePerson & Eric Hall – Adobe Systems




TSW 2014 Best Practices


B4B Success Tactics

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Panel: The Extreme Automation of Services

J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA) and panelists from Cisco Systems, Red Hat, Oracle Corporation, and EMC Corporation



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Field and Support Services Keynote — Building a Culture of Extreme Customer Success

Marcus Bragg – Zendesk





Professional Services Keynote — B4B: How to Jump-start Your Journey with Your Professional Services Business

Nicolas Schobinger – SAP AG




Service Revenue Generation Keynote — Delivering Extreme Value with Packaged Services

Omid Razavi – SuccessFactors, an SAP Company


Service Revenue Generation Keynote — Co-Developing and Piloting New Outcome-Based Service Offerings

Randy Wootton –




How the Industrial Internet Will Transform Services

John Magee – GE Software




TSW 2013 Service Transformations


B4B: The Next Generation of Technology-Fueled, Data-Driven Operating Models

J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Consequences of B4B

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Navigating B4B

Todd Hewlin – TCG Advisors





Focusing on Great Service Fuels Innovation

Graham Weston – Rackspace




Innovating Technology Services: It's No Longer the Status Quo

Charles Phillips – Infor Global Solutions




SAP's Transformation to Outcome-Based Service Offerings

Anand Eswaran – SAP





The Future of Service Sales

Nick Earle – Cisco Systems




The New Data Refineries: Transforming Big Data Into Decisions

Andreas Weigend – Social Data Lab




TSW 2013 Best Practices


Best in Class Performance for Technology Service Businesses: What Defines It. What Drives It.

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Building the Customer Centered Organization: There is No Better Time to be a Service Executive

Sean O'Driscoll – PwC




Next Generation Support: A New Delivery Model for a New IT World

Christophe Bodin – BMC Software





Innovating the SaaS Support Model

Dean Robison –




Best Practices in Optimizing Capacity and Skills in a Multi-Solution Business

Kurt Kuelz – PTC




TSW 2012 Service Transformations


Consumption Economics in Play

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Consumption Economics in Play – Adding Perspectives

Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Consumption Economics in Play – Adding Perspectives - Keynote Panel

Moderators: Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood – TIA

Panel: Juan Jones – Oracle | Terrie Campbell – Ricoh Americas | Antonio Neri – HP | Christophe Bodin – BMC Software | Callan Carpenter – Autodesk



TIA Member Only video


The Opportunity of a Lifetime: Services in the Era of the Consumer

Bill McDermott – SAP




Success as a Managed Service Provider

Ed Abrams – IBM




TSW 2012 Best Practices


Powering Up to Lead: Help Manage your Company's Service Thinking

J.B. Wood – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Solving the Unsolvable Challenges of Embeded Services

Thomas Lah – Technology Industry Association (TIA)




Lessons Unlearned: 25 Years in Customer Service

John Ragsdale – Technology Industry Association (TIA)





How the C-Suite Thinks about Services

Thomas Archer – PwC




Transforming a Services Business for the Cloud

Ed Berndt – EMC




Services Workforce 2012: A Best Practices Case Study in Skills Transformation

Ana Pinczuk – Cisco Systems




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